Keen to get down with the 🐐(kids), then open up your Snapchat app. 210 million people are using Snapchat every single day (up 13% on last year) and about 45 percent of those users are 18 – 24 years old (Zephoria 2019).

The platform might not be as familiar to marketers as Facebook or Instagram, but it’s a massive opportunity for brands to connect with young (and young at heart) consumers. On any given day Snapchat users create 3.5 billion Snaps and open the app over 20 times.

Globally, digital consumers are spreading themselves across an average of 8.5 platforms and spend an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes on social networks and messaging (globalwebindex 2019). Snapchat users spend on average 30 minutes a day on the app, which equates to 21% of the average time spent on social media and messaging and represents a disproportionately high percentage compared to other platforms.

Snapchat’s purpose is to empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world and have fun together. It’s a great platform for playful visuals, participation and letting users see the real deal…your unfiltered brand.

It can sound a bit scary. There is a tendency for brands to want to appear perfect, but let’s be honest, no brand is, and consumers don’t expect it either. In fact, consumers are more engaged by brands being themselves than when they present a highly produced facade.

Snapchat used to be pretty darn pricey, far from intuitive and inaccessible for most businesses. It was the cool kid that could pair vintage clothes with Uniqlo and look like they have just invented a new look for Comme des Garcon. They didn’t seem to care about brands unless you had an eye-catching sum of cash.

However in May 2017, Snapchat launched the Self Service Ads Manager, so business of all sizes and budgets could advertise on the platform. In December that same year, it also opened Lens Studio, a developer tool so anyone around the world can create their own Lens. They’ve gone and democratised Snapchat and it’s working for them. It’s easy to make it work for your brand too.

Ads Manager is an easy to use tool to help you build a campaign on Snapchat. It steps you through a simple 4 step process to:

  1. Set your objectives e.g. awareness, engagement, website traffic, website conversions etc, duration of your campaign and the budget.
  2. Choose your ad format e.g. Snap Ads, Filters, Lenses etc, and audience targeting (location, demographics and interests).
  3. Add your content or create it on the platform.
  4. Review and publish.

It’s as simple as one, two, three…um…four.

There are also a number of different formats your brand can use depending on what you’re hoping to achieve.

Snap Ads

A single image or video (go for video if you can) that appears in stories. With a single swipe, you can send Snapchatters to your website, App or give them more within Snapchat itself i.e. a lens or filter. Previously the maximum duration of these ads was ten-seconds but recently Snapchat extended it to 3 minutes, giving you more time, for when you’ve got more to say, while still letting the viewer skip out at any time.

Collection Ads

Showcase a series of products and give Snapchatters an easy way to shop and buy. It’s great (for brands) to see Snapchat becoming increasingly shoppable.

Story Ads

Draw Snapchatters into a series of Snaps with a sponsored Discover tile that lives alongside popular content tailored to their preferences. According to Snapchat (Oct 2019), the audience watching content every day on Discover increased by 40% year on year.

AR Lenses

Snapchat is possibly most famous for its Augmented Reality Lenses (AR Lenses). It’s a total brand immersion for Snapchatters, transforming their faces or the world around them. Snapchat also recently just released a fun new way to make your own personalised AR in Snapchat. Simply open Lenses and press the Create button to access.


Filters are simple creative overlays that can be added to photo and video messages. They’re an easy way to get engagement with your brand and with the right creative, you can watch it spread like wildfire.


These are six-second, non-skippable videos that are shown within the premium content. Like Snap Ads a single swipe will take your Snapchatters wherever you’d like to lead them next.

The launch of Lens Studio has really benefited brands, creators and the Snapchat community. More than 15% of the Snaps sent every day with Lenses feature Lenses made by creators using the Lens Studio. In Q3 2019 alone over 600,000 Lenses were created by the Lens Studio community (Snapchat 2019).

Snapchat continues to encourage and support the creation of AR Lens by third parties with the release of Lens Studio 2.1, making Lens creation even easier and adding more helpful tips, and the launch of Special Projects (Oct 2019) that sees Snapchat collaborating with Official Lens Creators to provide even more high-quality Lens choices to the Snapchat community.

What are you waiting for?

You probably want to keep reading to the end because you like to finish an article that you start or because you think there might be one more witty analogy to finish off.


Leave here now, open up Lenses, click Create, create something and then send it to someone you know...or someone you'd like to know. Start a conversation on Snapchat and eternal youth will be yours*.

*Experiences may vary. See back of internet for details.