👋 Words are mightier than the sword, but it appears that the Emoji is even mightier. There are around 4 Billion people in the world using Emojis to communicate. That makes it the most used language in the world, if you consider it a language, as some people do.
The meaning of many Emojis are fairly obvious, or easy to work out, but many have hidden meanings. Here are a few translated into words.

💅 It’s possible that you're in bad need of a manicure, or going out fancy, but the Nail Polish Emoji can also mean ‘haters gonna hate’ and 'I’m not bothered'. It’s an indicator for sass, fanciness, nonchalance and self-confidence.

🔥 Yes, the fire emoji can represent actual fires, but it's typically used when someone or something is ‘on fire’ or ‘hot’, as in exceptionally good or sexy.

🐐 Want to get down with the kids? The goat emoji can mean kids (as young people, not just baby goats) and it can mean goats. It can also be used as an acronym for GOAT, meaning Greatest Of All Time. Michael Jordan is Goat.

😶 The mouthless emoji means ‘speechless’ or being lost for words. It can also be used as being sheepish or humble or when there are moments that more than words can convey.

💦 Warning. Adult only Content to follow. If you’re keen to show how much you’ve been exercising, then the sweat droplets is a good emoji to use. But it can also represent other bodily fluids especially when paired with an 🍆 which, because of its phallic shape, can be seen as a phallus.

🙃 To finish off this very serious topic, the upside down face is a good way to express silliness or sarcasm. It can also be used as a stand-in for jk (just kidding). It is also the perfect emoji for expressing that you’re ‘smiling through the pain’, which, if you haven’t enjoyed this article, is ideal to use now.