The current epidemic has seen a significant increase in domestic violence. For every candle sold, £5 goes to Women’s Aid, an organisation working across the UK to support survivors of domestic abuse. 

Handpoured in Leyton by Stennah & Hope, Unmarked candles are formulated with a unique blend of coconut and rapeseed and come in two delightful fragrances.

Currently, Unmarked candles are only being sold through Lighthaus, with deliveries to E10, E11 and E17. If you live elsewhere in the UK and would like to buy one, please contact me directly. 

Velvet Rose 

Offers a delicate balance of fresh, floral top notes with smoky base notes.

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Blends sweet, earthy top notes with warm and woody base notes. 

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Buy one and support a worthwhile cause.

Please support Women's Aid // Instagram
Candles by Stennah & Hope // Instagram
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Photography by Angnes Lloyd Platt // Instagram

Burn time of 18-20 hours.
All candles are vegan and free from cruelty, sulfate and parabens.